T P O i

Welcome to TPOi information page. I’m glad you could drop by.

Do you remember when Alice stepped through the looking glass. So you might begin to understand my world. It does help if you bring your looking glass along. You can’t see from that side of the glass.

TPOi - The Princess of ‘it’.

NOT I.T. but ‘it’.

Well what is ‘it’?

‘it’ is anything I want ‘it’ to be J.

Sure that might be I.T. work that consumes much of my life, and I do love that work. But ‘it’ can be any situation whatsoever for which I feel proud or accomplished. ‘it’ is my work. ‘it’ is my friendships. ‘it’ is my fashion and style. Or even my lack thereof.

‘it’ is my existence, not my ego. ‘it’ is a celebration of my being as I have come to be and understand. ‘it’ is my sense of self.

And of all that, I am the Princess. The Princess Of ‘it’


The Princess’s photo gallery.


to be continued