August 2001

Alison recently decided to back off on the gymnastics and plunge deep into Cheerleading.  At the Cheer Camp in Santa Cruz this summer she qualified for Varsity U.S.A. All-star.  The All-Stars go to Paris for the 2002 New years day parade "Le Grande Parade de Paris" .   Her School squad also qualified to participate in the Pro-bowl half time entertainment in Hawaii in January.  No, she is not doing both.  See her in Hawaii.

Besides School Cheerleading, She also joined Motions All-star Cheer squad (Competetive). She is still a Level eight competitive gymnast at Pegasus Gymnastics Academy in Milpitas.....Maybe

Alex and Kyle dropped gymnasts for a while in 2000, maybe they will get back into it. Maybe not. Football has their attention now.  They participate in full tackle football with the Berryessa Cougars Jr. Midjet division of the PAL football league. Both made All-Stars in the Fall 2000 season.  Josh is with the cougars also.

Olivia had to give up Midnight (the horese) earlier this year, but is going to horse camp a couple of times.

And Benjamin might do Cheerleading maskot.


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